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Cinderella Cast

Cinderella                  Prince
                                               Amanda W.               Morris A.
                                              Mary Kathryn M.         Dillon S.
                                              Step Mother           Step Sisters   
                                            Mary Kathryn M.             Jessie C.
                                                Amanda W.               Alexa W.

                                            Fairy Godmother           Mice
                                                Gracie M.                    Eva A.,  
                                                                                 Kayegan C., 
                                                                                    Olivia S.
                                           Dance Instructor            Page
                                                Preston E.                Jonathan L.
                                                  Ethan S.
                                                 Fairies               Court Dancers 
​                                                Lupitia A.,                   Ethan S.
                                                  Sara L                     Preston E.
                                                  Alisa G.                     Lauren E.
                                                                                     Kiley D.
                                                                                    Morris A.
                                                                                    Dillon S.

Summer tour dates: July 13th-24th

About the Tri-Parish Ballet
Tri-parish Ballet puts on Livingston Parish's' very own production of
"The Nutcracker" every year with the Houston Ballet II. 

Tri- Parish Ballet also puts on an annually summer tour traveling to libraries, nursing homes, and day camps in the local and surrounding areas. 

For more information call (225)665-3414 or e-mail TriParishBallet@aol.com​