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In case of an emergency, call ______________________________________________________
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Total years of dance __________________ Total Years of dance with Odyssey ________________
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Classes registering for:

Class __________________________ Day/Time _____________________________________
Class __________________________ Day/Time _____________________________________
Class __________________________ Day/Time _____________________________________
Class __________________________ Day/Time _____________________________________
Class __________________________ Day/Time _____________________________________
Class __________________________ Day/Time ______________________________________________

Attention Parents: Unless Odyssey Academy of Dance receives written notification from you prior to any publication, your child’s enrollment, registration, attendance and/or participation in any event and/or activity associated with Odyssey Academy of Dance shall constitute your permission for and consent to allow your child’s name and/or image being published on Odyssey’s website and/or any other media, electronic or otherwise, associated with Odyssey and to your indemnification of Odyssey Academy of Dance, its agents, employees, and assigns, related to said publication. I agree to release and hold harmless Odyssey Academy of Dance for any injuries sustained by me or my minor child that may be caused by participation in dance class, rehearsals or other forms of activity.

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